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CTE Summer Academy

The College and Career Readiness Department will be offering the following classes this summer to CURRENT 7th and 8th graders.  Registration will open May 1st at 6pm. Click Here
Engineering Essentials at Buchanan High:  Students will explore the world of engineering! During the course students will learn foundational skills relating to multiple fields of engineering. Students will build projects in groups and teams to develop their skills. (June 20th – July 6th
Graphic Design for Beginners at Buchanan High:  Students will learn the basic elements of graphic design like color use, principles of design, typography, writing for media, and basic photography skills. With these new skills, students will create several projects including logo design, event poster, and a thematic portfolio that can be accessed both digitally and in print. (June 12th – June 29th)
“Carpentry” at Clovis High: Students will learn safe and efficient use of woodworking procedures used by professional furniture and cabinet makers, life skills for maintaining equipment at home and ethical work practices. (June 20th – July 6th)
3-D Design Workshop at Clovis High:  Students will be introduced to basic design concepts and discover how to use Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software to model and 3D print their own creations. Students will create unique solutions to design prompts that will challenge them to think creatively and work collaboratively. This course combines creative and technical skills, so it appeals both to those who like the arts and those who prefer math and science. (June 13th – 29th).
Laugh n’ Learn at Clovis North:  Students will have time to unplug and participate in activities that promote teamwork, games, crafts, and lots of FUN! Students will bring home 1-2 items that they have created weekly. (June 12th – June 29th)
The Art of Storytelling at Clovis North:  Students will learn the basics of story writing and storytelling, plus the elements of plot structure and character development to develop themes that are important to the development of Child and Adolescent Literature. Through the perspective of Ancient Mythology, participants will read and research different aspects, including the fundamentals of a Hero, ending with the creation of their own mythological story. At the end of the session, you will receive a professionally bound copy of your story! (July 10th – July 27th)
“A Look into Health Careers” at Clovis North: In this session, students will learn all about Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), Automatic External Defibrillator, and First Aid. Students will also practice skills and techniques on a lifelike mannequin. The presented information will cover the most up to date data that can help you save a life. At the end of the session, students will obtain a CPR, AED, and First Aid certification from the American Heart Association.  Other skills acquired will be vital signs. These include but not limited to, blood pressure, pulse, respirations, vision, and blood-oxygen saturation.  Students will also learn about the opioid overdose epidemic, signs and symptoms of overdose and be trained to use Naloxone in the event of an overdose as part of a lifesaving skill. (Three options of a one-week class:  CTE session #1: Monday June 12th - Thursday June 15th; CTE session #2: Tuesday June 20th – Thursday June 22nd; CTE session #3: Monday June 26th – Thursday June 29th)
Intro to Teaching at Lincoln Elementary:  Participants will learn about important aspects of education including teaching techniques, how schools are run, how students learn, and the many diverse career opportunities in the field of education. In addition, participants will gain experience working with elementary age students as tutors for Lincoln's summer school program. (June 26th – July 14th
Wheels and Reels at Clovis West: Get your wheels and reels turning this summer! Join our immersive Cars and Video Production program, where you'll learn the basics of auto maintenance and hone your storytelling skills through film production. In just three weeks, you'll roll up your sleeves and get hands-on experience repairing classic cars while also mastering the art of video creation. (June 12th – June 30th)
Each program is free to participants and will be held from 8 a.m. to noon Monday through Thursday. Space is limited.  June 19th and July 4th are holidays, and no classes will be held on those dates.

Regional Occupational Program (ROP) & Career Technical Education (CTE)

ROP/CTE prepares students for further education at colleges and universities, employment, or advanced technical training. Students also develop positive work attitudes and behaviors.
ROP / CTE Offerings

Clovis High

Clovis East

Clovis West

Clovis North


Architectural Design

Architectural Engineering Design

Auto Systems Technology

Building Scaled Structures

Careers with Children (Dual Enrollment)

Careers with Children

Education Careers w/ English

Electronic Systems Technology

Ag Welding and Construction

Criminal Investigation

Criminal Justice

Fire Fighting Technology

Fire Fighting Technology II

Medical Careers

Veterinary Sciences

Small Business Management

Performing Arts

Performing Arts w/ English

Medical Careers

Principles of Athletic Training

Culinary Arts

Multimedia Communication

Sports Medicine/Fitness

Journalism & Publication

ROP Educational Careers:
Students in this class study the nature and scope of the school system, the duties and opportunities of the professional teacher, factors relative to success in teaching, and credentialing requirements. Students prepare for and take the CBEST test and have an opportunity to observe and work in CUSD elementary and intermediate schools. Credit Information: This course includes 10 credits per year for Education Careers as well as 10 English credits per year for either English 11AB (P) or English 12 AB (P). Additionally, successful completion of the course earns transferable college credit from CSUF (Unitrack credit), and/or articulation credit for FCC’s ED 30 and EDA 19 courses.

ROP Small Business Management:
The Small Business Management course is designed to give students experience in developing and operating a small business.  Students develop job skills, an understanding of competitive corporate practices, and business
decision-making skills that will prepare them for life outside of the classroom.  Students will learn about careers, how to find a job, the interview process, and job skills that will help them to excel and become valued employees.  They will also experience small business at work and learn the factors that make up a thriving business and the techniques used by successful managers.

Wide variety of computer concepts including curriculum of Microsoft Office.
Teacher: Darren Grubel
Clovis Unified School District: Be the best you can be in mind, body, and spirit
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