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Utilization of parent input is offered through a number of forums at our school, including site and community booster organization groups to ensure a diverse representation. These groups allow for on-going dialogue to take place between school staff and parents. These groups include:

School Assessment and Review Team (SART):  meets monthly during the school year to assess and review effectiveness of policies, procedures, programs and curriculum/textbook adoption, which are in place or proposed.  In March, CUSD conducts the annual SART Survey.  This survey solicits parent opinion on curricular, co-curricular, technology, and other issues facing the district.  SART is the only body entitled to process these surveys; the compiled results are shared with the community.
Oct. 3rd @ 9:00A in the Lecture Hall
Jan. 23rd @ 10:00A in the Lecture Hall
May 22nd @ 10:00A in the Faculty Lounge

School Site Council (SSC): meets quarterly with administrative, teacher, parent and student representatives to review and adopt the school site plan and grant final approval on all categorical funds 23-24 CWHS School Site Council Nomination Form / SSC.rtf can be submitted to the Clovis West front office with Mrs. Zevenbergen.

English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC): made up of parents and staff members involved in the bilingual program.  ELAC reviews all programs designed to support English Learners, including ELD, and tutors on a quarterly basis.

Intercultural Diversity Advisory Council (IDAC):  draws members from parents to represent our school at district level climate assessment/problem-solving meetings.

Athletic/Pep & Cheer Booster Groups:  Football Boosters, Baseball Boosters, Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer Boosters, Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Boosters, Wrestling Boosters, Boys’ and Girls’ Volleyball Boosters, Cross Country/Track Boosters, Boys’ and Girls’ Water Polo/Swimming Boosters, Boys’ and Girls’ Tennis Boosters, and Pep & Cheer Boosters primary functions are to fundraise for students involved in athletics.
Athletics Contact: [email protected]
Pom & Cheer Contact: [email protected]

Performing Arts Booster Groups:  provide monetary support for marching band, color guard, concert bands, orchestra, jazz band and all choral performance groups.

WASC Action Plan

WASC Action Plan Goal #1: Increase the percentage of focus group students at the top two tiers of CAASPP as well as increase focus group students’ enrollment in Honors and AP courses.
Maximize achievement for all students
Increase the percentage of focus group students scoring at the top two tiers of CAASPP in both Math and ELA by 4 percent.
WASC Action Plan Goal #2: Increase the number of students enrolling in CTE pathways program to offer practical, real-world experience.
Maximize achievement for all students 
Increase the percentage of diploma track students in the Students with SWD subgroup who are deemed "College and Career Ready" by 10 percent.
WASC Action Plan Goal #3: Increase college readiness of all students as measured by current College and Career Readiness Indicator
Implement innovative, research-based programs and practices to ensure the highest level of achievement for all students.
SPSA GOAL #1 & 2
Increase the percentage of focus group students scoring at the top two tiers of CAASPP in both Math and ELA by 4 percent. Increase the percentage of diploma track students in the Students with Disabilities subgroup who are deemed "College and Career Ready" by 10 percent.
WASC Action Plan Goal #4: Increase the awareness and availability of MTSS support systems for all students affected by social and emotional issues.
Operate with increasing efficiency and effectiveness. 
Decrease the suspension rates for Students with Disabilities by 2 percent.
WASC Action Plan Goal #5: Increase the number of intervention opportunities on campus with support staff to assist students who are struggling academically.
Hire, develop, sustain, and value a high-quality, diverse workforce.
Decrease the suspension rates for Students with Disabilities by 2 percent.
Acronym Key: WASC: Western Accreditation of Schools and Colleges, LCAP: Local Control and Accountability Plan SPSA: School Plan for Student Achievement

Student Learner Outcomes (SLOs)
Clovis West’s SLOs outline the traits and qualities we hope to foster in our learners and graduates.
Clovis West Schoolwide Student Learner Outcomes: 
  1. Clovis West students will be effective scholars. 
  2. Clovis West students will be critical and creative thinkers. 
  3. Clovis West students will be respectful of all people in a diverse community. 
  4. Clovis West students will be prepared for adult life as productive, analytical, cooperative members of society. 

Volunteer Requirements for Clovis Unified

Clovis Unified encourages parents/guardians and other members of the community to share their time, knowledge and abilities with our students. Community volunteers in our schools enrich the educational program, contribute to school safety, and strengthen our schools’ relationships with the community.

In order to be a volunteer you must follow the guidelines in Board Policy 9212:

1. Complete a volunteer application at the school site each school year, which will include the site conducting a Megan’s Law background check (Penal code 290).

2. Have a current clear TB assessment within the last 4 years if you will have ongoing, frequent or prolonged contact with students. One-day volunteers may be exempt. (Ed. Code 49406(m)).

3. Volunteers who will be transporting students must also submit Form 8302-1 – Private Vehicle Driver Application, and comply with the requirements of Board Policy and Administrative Regu-lation No. 8302 – Transportation of Students by Private Vehicle.

No person has any right to provide, nor is the District obligated to accept, volunteer services. A person also has no right to a particular volunteer assignment, event, location or classroom. Volunteers shall act in accord-ance with state and federal laws, District policies and regulations, including but not limited to Board Policy No. 9202 (School Visitors) and Board Policy No. 9210 (Civility Policy), and school rules.
Ready to sign up?  Click HERE to be taken to our new online volunteer form!
Print the TB Risk Assessment form HERE
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