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The Career Center is dedicated to help bridge the path between your past, present and future goals. The Career Center offers information regarding a multitude of college options, career information, Military Careers, work permits, Financial Aid/Scholarship information and SAT/ACT information. You can stop by and request information on any subject related to the world of colleges, career paths and education.


There's no magic formula for choosing a college or deciding on a future career, but exploring your options in Xello is a great place to begin. Xello is a complete college and career planning program that is FREE for all Clovis students.
  1. Explore Colleges & Careers
  2. Take Career Assessments
  3. FREE SAT/ACT Test Prep
  4. Search and Apply for Scholarships
  5. Create a Resume, Record Community Service Hours, Leadership Positions, Awards Received, and More!
This is a District provided College & Career Exploration Software Program which ALL students have access. The default Username and Password are as follows: 
  • Username: CUSD-Student ID # (Example: CUSD-1005326)
  • Password: DOB MMDDYYY (Example: 12012000)

Students may access Xello using their Clever portal sign in. 

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