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Graduation 2024

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Graduation for the Class of 2024 
will be held on 
Wednesday, June 5th, 2024 at Veteran's Memorial Stadium. 
Gates open at 6:00 PM
Processional begins at 7:15 PM
Ceremony begins at 7:30 PM

Mandatory Senior Events

Senior Expectations

Welcome to your Senior Year!  There are high expectations for seniors during their senior year and Senior Activities are on the horizon.  Unfortunately, every year there are seniors who are not able to participate in Senior Activities or Graduation Ceremonies because of disciplinary referrals, failing classes, attendance issues, or poor decisions.  Senior Activities include but are not limited to Prom, Grad Nite, Farewell Assembly, and Graduation.
We want to make sure that all seniors understand the expectations for grades, behavior, and attendance during their senior year. Failure to meet these expectations could lead to students not being able to participate in these important events.   
  • Seniors are expected to have passing grades in all classes at all times in order to maintain Senior Privileges.
  • On White Card Day, any Senior who has not passed a required class and/or does not have enough credits to graduate will be contacted and informed they will not be allowed to participate in Senior Activities or Graduation Ceremonies.
  • Any senior who commits a suspendable offense or a Code of Conduct offense during the second semester of their senior year may be removed from participating in some or ALL Senior Activities including the Graduation Ceremony.  
  • Any senior in an off-site Alternative Education setting during any part of their senior year may not be enrolled in CWHS and therefore will not be allowed to attend ANY Senior Activities including the Graduation Ceremony.
  • Students placed in a site based Alternative Education setting due to disciplinary reasons will not be allowed to attend ANY Senior Activities including the Graduation Ceremony.
  • Students are expected to attend all classes. Truancies, excessive absences, or tardies could result in loss of Senior Privileges and Senior Activities including Graduation.
  • It is important to understand when a student turns 18 years old in the State of California he/she is considered an adult.  Enrollment at Clovis West High School as an adult is a privilege.  Any violation of grades, behavior, and/or attendance may result in transfer to Adult School which would result in being removed from ALL Senior Activities including the Graduation Ceremony.

Estimated senior expectations

Graduation Ceremony Contract

Graduation Ceremony Contract

Clovis West High School, graduating seniors, and the parents/guardians of students who have successfully completed graduation requirements are jointly interested in a dignified and meaningful graduation ceremony.  Therefore, these three parties enter into this contract.  This contract shall be signed, and a copy filed at the school before the student will be issued a cap and gown for the purpose of participating in the graduation ceremony.  Furthermore, a student not having a signed copy of this contract on file with the school will not be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony.  If students choose not to participate in the graduation ceremony, they must notify their Counselor and may pick up their diploma in the main office on the day following the graduation ceremony.

Clovis West High School agrees to provide a site and appropriate facilities for the ceremony and to provide the legal and traditional procedures required for such occasions.  In addition, Clovis West High School agrees to take those steps deemed necessary to maintain order and dignity at the proceedings up to, and including, exclusion of any student from participation in the activity before or during the event when the exclusion is necessary to maintain proper decorum.
Reasons for denying participation in or receipt of the diploma at the graduation ceremony to an eligible student include, but are not limited to:
  1. Possessing or being under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or other substance which appears to alter a person’s behavior and/or inhibit the person’s judgment.  Being in violation of any C.U.S.D. Governing Board policies or California Education Code provisions.
  2. Possessing beach balls, frisbees, noise makers, cell phones, gum, etc., or other items inappropriate to the occasion.
  3. Disruptive behavior, including failure to remain seated at the appropriate times, shouting or exhibiting rude behavior, making lewd or obscene gestures, committing offensive acts, or throwing of caps. Students agree to dress in a manner which will not be disruptive or divert attention from the ceremony, and shall if requested by an appropriate school official, agree to a visual inspection to insure appropriate dress and an absence of inappropriate items.  Caps and gowns shall be without any personal or group adornment, except for District approved cords, tassels and pins. Following the ceremony graduates will receive their diploma at a designated area. In addition to exemplifying behavior appropriate to the activity, parents shall instruct, encourage and demand that their sons and daughters adhere to the letter and spirit of the requirements listed here, and shall pledge to support Clovis West High School in its enforcement of these and other regulations regarding behavior during the graduation ceremony.
It is understood that any participant breaking this contractual agreement will be denied participation in the graduation ceremony, or be removed from the ceremony, and will not receive a diploma that evening.  In order to obtain the diploma a meeting must be scheduled with the school administration at a later date. In addition, possible consequences may be assigned. The Principal will suspend the graduation ceremony immediately if, in his/her judgment, allowing the ceremony to continue would be dangerous or would not be in the best interest of the graduates, guests, the school, or the District.

This contract can be found in the Senior Activities Handbook or attached below and must be signed and returned to the Deputy Principals Office on Friday, May 24th, 2024.

Graduation Attire

The Graduation Ceremony presents the Class of 2024 to the parents, faculty, invited guests, and the Clovis West community.  The Graduation Ceremony is a celebration of our student’s scholastic achievement.  
With this in mind, the following must be adhered to: 

1.    Students must wear semi-formal attire/formal attire.  This includes suit and tie, slacks with shirt and tie, dresses, dress pants/skirt with blouse, etc.
2.    Students must wear dress shoes.  No athletic or tennis shoes, Birkenstocks, sandals, crocks or combat boots.  We recommend low wedged shoes and no heels.
3.    All dresses/tops must have at least 2” shoulder straps.  Long dresses are permitted but must be pinned up so they do not fall below the hem line of the graduation gown. All clothing must meet CUSD Dress Code regulations.
4.    A collar will accompany graduation gowns for females.
5.    Caps will be worn flat on the head with the point aimed straight ahead.
6.    Tassels will be worn on the left side of the cap.
7.    The only acceptable accessories to the standard cap and gown are the CSF Life Gold Cord, National Honor Society Sash, Principals Medallion and the Academic Distinction pin or CSF pin. Requests for any other accessory must be submitted to the Deputy Principal by May 10th, 2024 prior to the graduation ceremony. The Deputy Principal will notify the student whether or not the item is approved prior to the graduation ceremony.
8.    All students will be checked by the faculty for proper attire and grooming.  Those students in violation will not participate in the graduation ceremony.

Approved Adornments / Request Form

Approved for Graduation
Other Adornments MUST RECEIVE approval with "Request to Wear Adornment" form. This form must be completed and submitted to the Deputy Principals office with a picture of student wearing the requested adornment by May 10th, 2024.

VIP Seating at Graduation

All family and friends are welcome to attend Clovis West graduation ceremony.  There will not be tickets distributed for the Clovis West graduation ceremony.  First come, first serve seating. 
Gates open at 6:00 PM and there is general seating in the stadium.

Do you want VIP seats at graduation?
Question regarding membership levels contact: [email protected]

Gold Level $250.00
4 reserved VIP seats at 2024 Graduation

Eagle Level $500.00
4 reserved VIP seats at 2024 Graduation and 1 parking pass for 2024 Graduation

Golden Eagle Level $1,000.00
8 reserved VIP seats at 2024 Graduation and 2 parking passes for 2024 Graduation

Elementary Grad Walks

May 31st. – All Feeder Elementary Schools
Fort Washington, Liberty, Lincoln, Maple Creek, Nelson, Pinedale, Valley Oak

Return to your roots, visit old teachers, and march for the first time your cap and gown. Senior students in good standing have the opportunity to visit their elementary schools for a final walk through in their cap and gown as Clovis West graduates. This event last approximately 30 minutes.  
Please meet in the main parking lot at your elementary school for instructions from Clovis West Administration.  Times will be given at a later date. 
Arrive in your cap and gown to your feeder school.  NO FLIP FLOPS.

ID Card Replacements

Seniors MUST have their current DIGITAL Senior ID card with them for 
ALL FOUR graduation rehearsals.  
Replacements for Senior ID cards can be printed from the Activities Office 
at NO charge.
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