7:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

(559) 327-2251   

A live person will be available to answer any questions regarding school attendance at the number above between 7:05 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.  After 3:30 p.m., the phone will go to voice mail.  

You may leave messages on the following phone numbers at anytime.     


(559) 327-2251 English 

(559) 327-2082 Espanol

(559) 327-2024 Hmong  

Please clear all absences within 24 hours.

Por favor llame si tiene que aclarar la ausencia en 24 horas.

Thov qhia qhov koj tus me nyuam tsis tuaj kawm ntawv tsis pub dhau 24 xuabmoos.    

Please note that only parents or legal guardians may clear a student's absence.  All absences must be cleared within 24 hours from the day your child was absent in order to avoid the student having to serve Thursday or Saturday School. 

If you have further questions, please feel free to contact our office.  


All students are required to have off-campus passes before leaving campus during school hours for any reason.  Failure to do so, students will be in violation of school policy.  Off-campus passes can be obtained at the Attendance Office located in the Administration Building.  STUDENTS MUST PICK UP THEIR PASS IN THE ATTENDANCE OFFICE PRIOR TO LEAVING CAMPUS.

Important, no underclassmen may leave campus between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. without their parents or legal guardians actually signing them out and picking them up from the Attendance Office. 




Why does my son or daughter have to serve Saturday or Thursday School for an uncleared absence?

On average, the Clovis West Student Services Office will make contact with nearly 300 students a week regarding uncleared absences.  The purpose of our contacts is to assist great students in avoiding future complications because of inaccurate attendance.  During each class period, teachers are required to take attendance.  When a student is absent, teachers indicate this on their attendance with a code of “0”.  When parents contact the attendance office to verify a student's absence, the attendance office changes the “0” to the appropriate code that matches the reason given.  Of our nearly 300 students seen each week we can identify nearly 90% of uncleared absences as either tardies or appointments with staff members on site. The remaining 10% are either truancies, left campus without an off campus pass, or unexcused. 

Although 300 may seem like a lot of errors, it reflects a good effort on the part of the staff.  There are approximately 2600 students attending Clovis West and most of them attend 6 classes per day.  That means there are 78,000 opportunities for an error each week.  With only 300 errors that equates to less than a 1% error ratio.  Unfortunately, when a student is marked absent there can be ramifications later in the year.  Students with numerous absences are identified as "habitually truant" and are mailed a letter by our district and may need to meet with the school site's SARB coordinator.  It is a waste of everyone's time to attend unnecessary SARB meetings, prepare unnecessary letters, and address issues that are really non-existent.  

At the end of the school day, any absence that has not been accounted for or remains coded as a “0” initiates a phone call from the GLOBAL CONNECT SYSTEM.  This is an automated system that attempts to contact the parent or guardian at the phone number listed in the ZANGLE system.  The purpose of this contact is to inform parents that a student has missed class and that the absence needs to be cleared.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THESE NOTIFICATIONS ARE NOT IGNORED BUT ARE ADDRESSED IMMEDIATELY.  As stated above, errors can and are made.  However, we have no way of knowing it was an error unless we are notified.

When possible, Student Relation Liaisons contact students during the week to inform them of uncleared absnece (This is a courtesy that we try to extend but due to the nature of the Student Services Office, it is something that may or may not be done each week)  It is recommended that students check their records on Student ot Parent Connect weekly to make sure that it accurately reflects their attendance.

If a student is contacted by an SRL or notices an error on Student/Parent Connect they are able to do the following:

  1. Go to the teacher that has them marked absent and have the teacher sign off that an error has been made.
  2. Take the paper home to show their parent that there is an absence that has not been cleared and have their parent contact the Student Services Office. 
  3. Declare that they missed the class without their parent's consent (Truant).

There is a time limit on clearing absnces.  All absences must be cleared within five school days.  If the absence is not cleared within five days and it was not a school related error, then the student is required to serve a Saturday or Thursday School.  If the absence is a verified error on part of a staff member, then it is cleared and the student is not required to serve a consequence. 

Each Staurday, a staff member reviews student attendance and identifies students who still have absences that have not been cleared withn five days.  Once identified, that student is assigned to Saturday or Thursday School by an SRL the following week.

Guardians of students who are assigned to Saturday School or Thursday school are contacted by the GLOBAL CONNECT SYSTEM to inform them of their students obligation.

Students who have an obligation with the Student Services Office are not allowed to attend School Dances or participate in Senior Activities.

The amount of time and effort put into verifying a student's absence is incredible.  However, it does result in our District having an incredible attendance rate.  That attednance rate does allow us to budget our resources in a more efficent manner.

Saturday and Thursday school are used as a deterent for future uncleared absences and which result in us being able to focus attention in other areas.



In this time of budget issues it is more important than ever that we attempt to reclaim as much ADA as possible.  Everyday a student is absent; the school loses approximately $40.00.  With nearly 2500 students on campus the amount of money lost each year can be staggering. 

 This year, Clovis Unified has authorized the use of a new attendance code for its internal reporting system.  This new code may show up on your student's progress report as "RECLAIMED ADA". 

 The primary reason for the use of this attendance code is to show that a student who has previously been absent has participated in a four hour study session with a credentialed teacher.  By participating in this study session, the school is allowed to then reclaim ADA from the state of California for that child’s previous absence.

 There are a variety of ways that students may participate in these study sessions.  Saturday School is one of the most common options. Examples of other activities that are included within this code include but are not limited to:

  • AP Study Sessions.
  • Study Sessions for students who are on school related trips.
  • Saturday or extended school hour field trips for different classes.

In addition, this year we have opened up attendance at Thursday and Saturday Schools to students who would like an opportunity to make up work and have a credentialed teacher available to assist them.  We are also requesting teachers who allow students to do extra credit work, require them to do so at Thursday School.