Psychology Services

A school psychologist is available at Clovis West High School to provide direct services to students, families, and staff regarding issues that could adversely affect academic progress and/or social/emotional well-being.  Services include short-term counseling, assessment to determine a student’s learning needs, crisis intervention, and consultation/collaboration with parents and staff.  Students are referred to the school psychologist by parents, teachers, counselors and administrators.  Students may refer themselves by contacting their counselor, a teacher, or by directly contacting the school psychologist.


CW Psychologist Schedule










Brenda Evers

CWHS EXT #72139







Allison Peck

CWHS EXT# 72242








Note: Brenda is off campus on Mondays and exclusive to AIP on Tuesdays

Allison is an 80% contract and does not work on Fridays; Allison is also the district CPI/NCI coordinator and her weekly schedule may fluctuate based upon instruction of bimonthly CPI/NCI trainings.

Clovis Support Intervention

Often students experience personal or family situations and circumstances that are beyond their control that affect their full potential in academic success or concentration. CSI Services are available to support any students who are experiencing personal challenges, crisis and problems that are affecting academic or personal success. The Clovis Support Intervention Program aims to identify troubled students and connect them with the helping services available to them in the school or the community. This includes supportive counseling and intervention, as well as support groups as needed. These support groups deal with such problems as school attendance, coping with illness, drug/alcohol abuse, anger management, pregnant and parenting teens, grief and loss, divorce, teen issues and family issues. Support groups are confidential and meet during the school day and students are expected to make up the work missed for that class.

This confidential service that is provided by the CSI Program is based on the educational premise that: Students who receive help and support to deal with pressing personal concerns will be able to focus their remaining energy more efficiently on their schoolwork and important tasks of developing academically, socially, and emotionally.

Students are assessed and screened by the CSI Coordinator for the appropriate group, based on a CSI referral form located in all the cluster offices and the front office.

Please see Anita Giannobile the receptionist in the front office for more information / 327-2400