Freshman Academy



It is the mission of the Clovis West High School Freshman Academy to ensure academic and co-curricular support and success by creating connections for all learners in their transition to high school. These efforts are essential in allowing students to take that positive step toward setting and attaining their post secondary career and college goals. This will be accomplished by:

  • Developing student ownership and responsibility
  • Utilizing common planning, organization, and study strategies
  • Keeping an academic focus on state standards, promoting communication and team-building with parents, students, and teachers

Our aim is to provide all freshmen with support and linkages to allow them to make a successful transition from intermediate to high school. There are important dates and activities to be watching for as your child experiences their first semester of high school. Please take note of these dates and be looking for information as these activities approach. Teamwork is an essential component to the Clovis West Academy and it takes a united effort of students, parents, and teachers to help students become successful. We are excited to be partners in the education of your child.

Lastly, did you receive your FREE FRESHMEN t-shirt?  If you missed the freshmen orientation in August or need another shirt, be sure to stop by your counselor, Mrs. Duke in the Freshmen Academy.  Her office is located in the A- building.  Go say hello and get your FREE special t-shirt.





 Four Year Plan Activity

Freshman students complete a four year plan with the guidance of their freshman counselor via the English 9 class.  This activity occurs in the early first couple of months of school, typically September and October.   Students are informed of the Clovis Unified School District requirements to earn a high school diploma.  In addition, students learn about how to become four-year college eligible.  Students learn about the California State University "CSU" and University of California "UC" requirements as well as the Community College system.  They are encouraged to qualify for a four year college institution.  In addition, discussion of how to qualify for NCAA consideration is explained.  Students are reminded of the importance of passing all their classes in order to complete the necessary 230 credits needed to earn a diploma.  Other topics discussed include summer-school and free tutoring to ensure their academic success here at Clovis West High School.  See chart below to understand CUSD high school requirements, CSU, and UC eligibility requirements.





Attention Freshmen! Need help preparing for finals? Click here ---->  How To Study for Finals Flyer.pdf                                                  






Welcome Class of 2022!!!!