College and Career Planning


Graduation Requirements


To be eligible for graduation, students must:



Career Cruising 

This is a District provided College & Career Exploration Software Program which ALL students have access. The default Username and Password are as follows: 

  • Username: CUSD-Student ID # (Example: CUSD-1005326)
  • Password: DOB MMDDYYY (Example: 12012000)

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College Readiness Testing 

SAT and ACT Test Dates Click Here → TEST Dates 2017-18R.pdf

Use the links below to sign up for ACT or SAT 

ACT Sign Up       SAT Sign UP      SAT Prep

Community College Information

Follow the 3 Steps Below and Use the Links below to apply 

  1. Apply online by 11/17/17
  2. Complete online orientation beginning 12/1/17 (Online orientation on 12/6 & 12/7, 3-5pm in Rm. K-1) Sign up in the Counseling Center!
  3. Placement Testing on 1/24/18 & 1/25/18 in Rm. K1 (Students will be notified of their placement test time)
  4. Complete Advising in Spring 2018- 2/26/18 & 2/27/18 in the CW Cafeteria (Students will be given assigned times based on last name)

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Interested in the Honors Program? Click application below! Applications Due by 2/1/18! 

California State University System (CSU)

Bakersfield   Cal Maritime    Channel Islands   Chico    Dominguez Hills    East Bay         

Fresno   Fullerton    Humbolt   Long Beach   Los Angeles    Monterey Bay   Northridge   

Pomona    Sacramento    San Bernardino   San Diego    San Francisco    San Jose         

San Luis Obispo   San Marcos    Sonoma    Stanislaus 

APPLY HERE! Deadline is November 30th! 


California State University System

University of California System (UC)

Berkeley  Davis  Irvine  Los Angeles  Merced  Riverside  San Diego  Santa Barbara  Santa Cruz

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Apply Here! Deadline is November 30th!


University Of California Admissions

Private College Information

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California Colleges

Association of AMERICAN International Colleges and Universities (AAICU)

The Common Application


Scholarship/Financial Aid Information 



Free Aid:
Grants are awarded based on financial need and do NOT need to be repaid. One of the largest grant programs is the Federal Pell Grant. Federal and state governments, colleges, and individual organizations also award grants.
Scholarships do NOT need to be repaid and are awarded for many reasons - academic, financial need, ethnicity, organizational membership, private organizations, etc.

Work Aid:
Better known as Work-Study programs, provide part-time jobs so students can earn funds to pay for their education. These are offered by federal and state governments as well as individual schools.

Loan Aid: Loans are used to cover a portion of the college expenses and may come from federal and private sources. There are many types of loans; Federal Perkins, Federal Stafford, Subsidized Stafford, Direct Unsubsidized, Direct PLUS Parent Loans and Private Loans. Please be sure you are well-- educated in the types of loans you are considering.

FAFSA: (Federal Application for Federal Student Aid)
FAFSA is a form to be completed annually that determines eligibility for student financial aid. It is a gateway for all types of financial aid programs including most institutional aid, 605 state aid programs, and nine federal financial aid programs.
All students are advised to complete the FAFSA since colleges and universities will NOT award money (including merit-based) unless the form has been completed.
Application period is January 1 - March 1 of the year prior to starting college.
Apply online at: or call 1(800)433-3243.
FAFSA PIN Registration:
Additional Financial Aid Information

Federal Student Aid for Students visit:
Please have your student stop by the Counseling Center and pick up a current Scholarship Bulletin listing any upcoming scholarship opportunities including a comprehensive list of Scholarship search engines they may utilize to further enhance their financial aid opportunities.