Welcome to the Clovis West Counseling Center! 


At Clovis West, students who begin attending in the 9th grade are assigned to the Freshman counselor, Janet Duke. Freshmen often need more time and attention to transition from intermediate school to high school. The Freshman counselor is in place to assist them with this transition.


When students enter the 10th grade they are assigned to one of the other members of the counseling team who will assist them in navigating their academic careers at Clovis West and guide them as they prepare for their futures.


The mission of the Counseling Team is to promote student acquisition of knowledge and skills in academic, career, and personal/social development. Furthermore, we hope to maximize individual student growth in mind, body, and spirit.


The Counseling Center is located in the A Building and can be reached at 559-327-2118. 


                                      Counseling Staff


 Tammy Brisky.jpg                               Janet Duke.jpg                               Tracey Fowlkes.jpg

     Tammy Brisky                                              Janet Duke                                              Tracey Fowlkes

    Head Counselor                                    Freshman Counselor                              AVID/SOAR Counselor



 Josie Vargas.jpg                              Andrea Yang.jpg                                Jennifer PageSmith.jpg

          Josie Vargas                                            Andrea Yang                                     Jennifer PageSmith

       10-12 Counselor                                     10-12 Counselor                                    10-12 Counselor


                                                                      Gloria Lyons.jpg

                                                                             Gloria Lyons

                                                        Counseling Administrative Assistant

                     College and Career Center Opening Day

career center 2.jpg



Counseling Monthly Calendar

  whats happening.jpg

  • 1st - 2nd  College Bound @ CW--College Application Days! College Day.png

  • 2nd - FAFSA/Cash for College Workshop (Library @ 6:30)

  • 8th-16th - Sophomore Conferences

  • 14th - ASVAB- 10th-12th grade only

  • 14th - Sophomore Parent Night (Cafeteria @ 6:00pm) 

  • 16th-17th - AVID Field Trip- 11th/12th grade


  • 20th-24th - Thanksgiving Break

  • 27th - Career Cruising (9th grade)-Periods 1-4

  • Dec 1st  - Coffee Hour w/ Counselors in the Career Center-7:30am-8:30am (Sophomore Parents)


Scholarship Information

  • Over the past three year's, $30 million dollars in free money has been awarded to members of the Clovis West senior class! It truly does pay off to research and apply for scholarships! 

  • Click here → Nov Schol_.pdf for this months scholarship bulletin! 


Counseling News

ATTENTION SENIORS! College application deadlines are approaching! CW Counseling Staff wants to celebrate this time with you! Come to "College Bound @ CW!"   

College Day.png


--CLICK HERE → CW Senior Presentation 2017-2018.ppt



To receive periodic text reminders from the Clovis West Counseling Center, sign up for the class that corresponds to your graduation year. All parents and students are encouraged to sign up! 

Clovis West Remind Codes: SIGN UP FOR YOUR CLASS TODAY!


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TUTORING SCHEDULE → Clovis West Tutoring Hours 17-18.pdf