Internet and Social Media Awareness

The internet is a growing part of our lives, and students are being exposed to a wide range of content as they work and play online.  As a school district we are continuing to educate students about the risks posed by irresponsible use of the internet.  We encourage every parent to be a part of proactive efforts to help our youth use their social media accounts in a safe and responsible way.  Students also play an important role in alerting their parents and school administrators to any suspicious online behavior that they witness.  Here are a few tips for students and parents to keep in mind as they spend time online.


2017-2018 CUSD District Wide Parent Academy

Clovis Unified School District will be providing 6 different Parent Academy modules throughout the 2017-2018 school year for parents in order to help their children be more successful at no cost.  Please join us for this opportunity to learn how to better your child at home and at school.  These modules will be available to all CUSD families.  Topics to be discussed are listed on the flier below.