Associated Student Body

Associated Student Body (ASB) officers of Clovis West High School are your whole school student government representatives. ASB officers represent all students at Clovis West and ensure student interests and activities are upheld. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns bring them to your student government representatives listed below.  These students are here to serve you.

ASB Positions:

President: Michael Aleshin

Vice-President: Mattie Thomas

Spirit / Athletics: Max Gulesserian

Secretary / Treasurer: Shawn Bianchi

Clubs / Performing Arts: Malia Yamamura

Communications: Alexis Thomason

Sound Coordinator: Kaan Chakan

Historian: Aubrey Olson


Inter School Council

Inter School Council (ISC) is your district level student representation.  The six Clovis West ISC members work with the ISC leaders from the other Clovis Unified high schools to make sure students have a voice at the district level.  

ISC Members:

Michael Aleshin

Tiersa Bailey

Max Gulesserian

Megan Kawakami

Aubrey Olson

Mattie Thomas




Class Officers 

Class officers of Clovis West High School are your classes (frosh, soph, junior, senior) student government representatives. Class officers represent all students in your class and are responsible for your classes rallies, homecoming, fundraising for graduation, etc.. If you have any comments, questions, or concerns bring them to your class officers listed below.  


Senior Class Officers:

President: Tiersa Bailey

Vice-President: Kayla Ikemiya

Secretary / Treasurer: Isabella Salgado

Rally Commissioner: Tasha Harold


Junior Class Officers:

President: Eseousa Ogbeide

Vice-President: James Ikemiya

Secretary / Treasurer: Evan Ruppel

Rally Commissioner: Roman Franco


Sophomore Class Officers:

President: Mackenzie Ruof

Vice-President: Ava Hustedde

Secretary / Treasurer: Drew Nishikawa

Rally Commissioner: Emma O'Farrell


Freshmen Class Officers:

President: Cole Gulesserian

Vice-President: Trevor Renfro

Secretary / Treasurer: Eyasu Abraham

Rally Commissioner: Andrew Rush


Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee and Link Crew

The Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee and Link Crew are appointed Leadership students who help meet the diverse needs of our students.  This group represents all students and teams up with our elected officers to make sure all students feel appreciated and accepted at Clovis West.