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Clovis West 2014-2015 Activities

2nd Semester Activities





A.A.S.U.: (African American Student Union):  Multi-cultural organization aimed at increasing unity and community involvement. (McCoy – Frosh Academy: meets Wed in S-Office)

Academic Decathlon: “Ten-subject academic competition that competes at the county and state level. (Merrill-P2:meets 2-3 times after school)

Anime:     Unite students who like Anime and get them involved at Clovis West.  (Ferdinandsen– J7: meets every Thurs @ lunch)

Ceramics Club:  To support local and national ceramic competitions and to cultivate appreciation of the ceramic arts. (Beasley – C19: meets in C19)

Chinese Club:  To introduce Chinese culture and value, and to generate interest in learning the Chinese language. (Tsai-Wong – J12: meets 1st Fri every month @ Lunch in C13)

Chinese Chess and Go: To broaden students perspective on board games.  To provide interesting and fun activities on school ground,  To encourage students to think.  (Tsai-Wong – C13)

Cosplay: To educate students on cosplay while helping the community through service projects. (Eppley – B5)

Environmental Club:  Campus/community service club to promote recycling campus-wide, campus beautification, and the San Joaquin River restoration projects. (Gladding – E5: meets every other Thurs @ Lunch in E5)

F.C.A.:  (Fellowship of Christian Athletes):  To allow coaches, athletes, and students the opportunity to meet and share spiritual values. (Huggins – C2: meets every Tues Morning @ 7:15 in Facility Lounge)

Faith Club:  Meets at lunch each week for Christian fellowship. (T. Hawkins/L. Hurley – P10 meets every Fri @ Lunch in Lecture Hall)

FIDM Fashion Club: Members to express their passion for art, design, and fashion and provide information  of FIDM scholarships and opportunities (Fowlkes – Career Center A Bldg)

Fit for Life:  To inform and encourage everyone of all shapes and sizes; to pursue and live a healthy life (Giacobbe- S17)

French Club:  Aimed to expand one’s cultural and language experiences with French. (Zahlis – P18)

FTSE (Fighting the Second Enemy) Club:  To create awareness of the deaths of U.S. Soldiers due to the depression such as Posttraumatic Stress Disorder  (Rocheford – C5)

Green Eggs and Ham: To bring students together who are interested in aiding children and children’s organizations throughout the community (Avants – S18: meets first Wednesday of the month @ Lunch in S18)

G.S.A: (Gay Straight Alliance)  To raise awareness of social discrimination that goes on between some people of different sexual orientation. (Persons – K5: every other Friday)

Hip Hop Club:  For students interested in hip-hop dance culture. (McCoy – Frosh Academy)

Hmong Club:  To inform the students of Clovis West about the ways and traditions of the Asian people and their language. (Yang – Frosh Academy C bldg.: meets 1st Wed of every month)

IMF/Science Olympiad: Regional and Statewide competitions in Science and Engineering. Including Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Anatomy, Astronomy, and much more. Club officers organizes fundraising and competition events. Meeting times/days TBA

Interact: To develop leadership skills, character, and the desire to help others. 

Invisible Children’s Club:    To help the Invisible Children of Africa.  (McCoy –Frosh Academy Secretary)

Japanese Club: Promote Japanese culture by furthering knowledge and interest in Japanese culture. (Tsai-Wong – C13: meets 1st Wed each month)

Jr. Larcs:  Members aide Ladies’ Larcs with their two major fund raisers for mentally disabled citizens, and attend and aide Special Olympians during their Special Olympics meets. (Torosian – P3: 1st & 3rd Tuesday of each month )

Key Club:  Helps community create better awareness of common problems to all students. (Giannobile – Front Office: meets every other Tues @ Lunch in the East Gym)

Knitting Club: Learning how to knit and/or crochet. (I. Delgado – P16 – meets 1st & 3rd Monday @ lunch P16)

Korean Club:  Promote Korean culture and customs and educating students about Korean history. (Tsai-Wong – C13)

Life Teen Club:   A Catholic student organization, meets Tuesdays at lunch for fellowship and growth. (Anderson – C10: meets Tues @ Lunch in C10)

MTG: Magic Club:  to have a location to play magic the gathering.  To teach and improve magic the gathering player’s skills.  (Kisling P4)

Martial Arts Club:  To bring awareness of the traditions, emotional, health, mental, and spiritual benefits, as well as discipline and respect of martial arts. (Mersino – K5: meets 1st & 3rd Thurs @ Lunch in S9)

MECHA:  Student organization open to anyone willing to volunteer and help our community.  Also helps members learn about the Latino heritage. (Delgado – SRC: meets 1st & 3rd Wed @ Lunch in A10)

MUSES/TORCH: Provide students with an opportunity to share original literacy work and receive a welcoming response. (Ferdinandsen 

TORCH: Provide students with an opportunity to share original literacy work and receive a welcoming response. (Ferdinandsen-J7)

Muslim Club:  To provide students with the proper environment and to educate students and teachers about Islam. (Brisky – J Bldg / Pettengill – P17: meets every other Wed)

Natural Beauty: To bring groups of students together using Natural Beauty techniques and by promoting Self-Esteem. (McCoy – Frosh Academy: meets Wednesday in S-Office)

Photo Club:   Develop interests and skills in the area of photography. (Franz – C15: meets Tues @ lunch in C15)

Red Cross Club: Assist the Fresno Chapter of the Red Cross to aide with natural disasters, lifesaving skills, and disaster education. (Brandes – C1)

Robotics:  Competitive Robotics team (Avants – S-18 /Taira-Goishi – off campus)

Skills USA:  For students interested in technical careers or innovations that are taking place in industry and technology.  Drafting, woodworking, automotive manufacturing, welding, and computers. (Gatzman – N1)

Sub Pop Club: To create a community where students can connect by sharing and listening to appropriate music. (Merrill – P2)

Theater West:   To further the love of theatre both as a participant and as an informed audience. (Hahn – J5: meets every other Thurs  at Lunch in B3)

YouTube Club: To spread positivity throughout our school using social media and the internet.  (Brandes – C1)



















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